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Who We Are

Company History

The 3 Star Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Incorporated is established in 2018 by three siblings, thus the name of “3 Star” representing each of them. The establishment of the medical clinic was more than a profitable business venture, it was a passion venture for them; driven by their experiences with their late father, who was in and out of hospitals and clinics for medical examinations.

The medical clinic started its operation in September of 2019 and extends its best and most efficient medical services through a team of well-trained, highly-experienced, and trusted medical and non-medical professionals who provide excellent healthcare services in the country.

Grand Opening of 3 Star Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Incorporated

As part of their mission, the medical clinic has stood as a testimony to the commitment to provide accessible, affordable, and reliable healthcare services for Walk-in and Overseas Filipino Workers both Land-based and Sea-based clients. The 3 Star Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Incorporated is heavily involved in improving and upgrading its services to keep abreast with the international standards to meet the increasing demand of customers, and provide state-of-the art medical diagnostic and clinical laboratory equipment to ensure premium quality, accurate, and excellent services.


To provide a premium quality, client-centered, and comprehensive healthcare services through compassionate, dedicated, and competent staff, for clients in need of medical care and pre-employment medical examinations of the local and overseas workers, and Land-based and Sea-based.


The 3 Star Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Incorporated will be among the top leaders in upholding highest standards in healthcare services and diagnostic center in the country in the year 2030.

Core Values

Message From the CEO

3 Star Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center, Inc. is committed to deliver excellent, accessible, affordable, and reliable healthcare services to our valued customer/client. Our team is committed to service quality through comprehensive policies and keeping abreast of the local and international standards to ensure maximum customer satisfactions and quality improvement.

Our team actively pursues over improving quality through trainings and programs that will enable staff to be adept with the changes in medical care to meet the changing demands of the customer/client.

We will continually stretch medical service to the utmost for a trustworthy system and continually improve the effectiveness and suitability of our Quality Management System to enhance safe the image and performance of our team. We shall pursue the highest standard and enhance safe and professional services that are responsive to the growing needs of interested parties, and shall nurture integrity at every level.